Pirate Radio 390 Vol 3 1967 (MP3 CD) - Offshore Radio Broadcasts


  • Pirate Radio 390 Vol 3 1967 (MP3 CD)
    Pirate Radio 390 Vol 3 1967 (MP3 CD)
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Pirate Radio 390 test transmission launched on 23 September 1965 from the Red Sands Fort in the Thames Estuary. The station was closed down on 28th July 1967..

Live broadcasts on the Pirate Radio 390 vol 3 MP3 CD from January 1967

Doctor Paul, David Allan - Music from the Shows extracts
Lee Gilbert - extracts
Paul Beresford , Edward Cole - Memory Lane (45 mns)
David Sinclair - Memory Lane (30mins)
Edward Cole - Memory Lane, Stephen West - Tea Time Tunes
David Allan - Music Bound
Paul Beresford - Intermezzo
Edward Cole - Memory Lane
Jonathan Hall - Tea Time Tunes
Ted Allbeury - Red Sands Rendezvous
David Allan - Melody Fair
Stephen West - Conniff & Rhythm
Paul Beresford - extracts
Edward Cole - Memory Lane
David Allan - Tea Time Tunes
Stephen West - Music Bound
David Allan - Jim Reeves Show (part)
Stephen West - From Me to You
Paul Beresford - Masters of the Organ
Clement Shaw - Scene at Six

This CD runs for approx 7 hours

These original broadcasts from Radio 390 were recorded via reel to reel tape in the sixties and have been enhanced / converted to MP3 format as technology has allowed - MP3 format plays on most modern CD players, Ipods, computers and most DVD players - Please check that you are able to play MP3 CDs before purchasing. NOTE not all tracks listed are complete shows..

Available on CD only

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