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  • Tommy Vance MP3 CD - 60s Offshore Pirate Radio DJs - The Nostalgia Store
    Tommy Vance MP3 CD - 60s Offshore Pirate Radio DJs - The Nostalgia Store
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Tommy Vance - 60s Offshore Pirate Radio Caroline & Radio London DJ.

Tommy Vance on the CD from 1967:

1966 01 02 Sunday Radio Caroline South 199m
1967 02 12 Sunday Caroline South (259m)
1967 02 22 Wednesday Caroline South (259m)
1967 Sunday Radio Caroline South (259m)
1967 04 07 Friday Caroline South 259m
1967 05 07 Sunday Caroline South (259m)
1967 08 01 Tuesday Radio London 266m
1967 08 06 Sunday Radio London Big L 266m

The Tommy Vance Pirate DJ CD plays for approx = 8 hours

These original broadcasts of DJ Tommy Vance were recorded via reel to reel tape in the sixties and have been enhanced / converted to MP3 format as technology has allowed - MP3 format plays on most modern CD players, Ipods, computers and most DVD players - Please check that you are able to play MP3 CDs before purchasing. Click image for further details

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Listen to Pirate Radio DJ Tommy Vance

Tommy Vance was born Richard Hope-Weston on 11th July 1940 at Eynshm in Oxfordshire. Vance left home at 16 and joined the Merchant Navy where he was discharged in 1956. He emigrated to America where took a job as a disc jockey when the real Tommy Vance who had been given the job failed to turn up. The station KOL in Seattle had already created the jingles for the original Tommy Vance so Richard luckily assumed the name and roll and from then on never looked back.

Vance returned to the UK in 1965 when the US tried to get him drafted in the Vietnam War Upon his return to the UK Vance accepted an offer to join Pirate Radio Caroline South where his signature tune was 'Naked City Theme'.

Tommy Vance later moved on to Pirate Radio London and then to Radio Luxembourg before presenting his popular 'Pop Club' on the BBC World service. Tommy also joined the exclusive band of ex pirate Djs who joined the BBC when Radio 1 started up in 1967 his show was called 'Top Gear' where he remained until the early 1970s when he left to join London's Capital Radio. Tommy Vance died aged 63 in 2005 of a sudden stroke.