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  • Let it Be - The Beatles VHS PAL Video - The Nostalgia Store
    Let it Be - The Beatles VHS PAL Video - The Nostalgia Store
Let It Be [VHS] Starring John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison,Ringo Starr

While becoming superstar musicians the Beatles also managed to make several movies along the way. Let It Be was to be a making-of movie about their writing and recording processes. With cameras rolling every step of the way, the group soon realized that their previously successful and prolific songwriting and recording methods were not going to translate well to the big screen. In-fighting and arguing plagued the sessions to a point where the foursome split up and Phil Spector was called in to organize the wealth of recorded material into an album for release. A highlight of the film (other than the music) is a performance of the group on the roof of their Apple Corps headquarters on Saville Row on January 30, 1969 which turned out to be their last together. The police interrupting the performance and the shots of the crowds on the street and nearby rooftops are oft-repeated elements still in use in music video and concert films today. - Rare Video