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March Newsletter


Formally NOSTALGIA VIDEOS - welcome to our new website - THE NOSTALGIA STORE
Some sections of the site are still under construction and we hope to expand other areas. If you can't find what you are looking for then please use our 'find' page to let us know and we will do our best to find it for you. We like feedback, good or bad and any comments regarding the site is welcomed. Below are some of the new categories to be found at our new site


Nostalgia music, films and TV mainly from the fifties through to the eighties on VHS video, DVD and CD. Our site allows you to narrow your search by grouping items into decades. We also have a powerful search facility at the top of each page which allows you to search for any word or phrase within the entire site. This section of the site currently has over 250 items.

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This section is currently under construction - and will eventually contain 150+ posters!
Retro Car Advert Posters of classic cars of the 1950's through to 1970's. These are genuine car adverts of the time, everything from the Austin Mini to Rolls Royce. These adverts have been converted at the highest definition possible and enhanced in pdf format to A4 size. Just download and print quality posters on your own printer. Ideal to frame and hang in your home or in offices, foyeurs, garages, hotels etc.

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To open the file you will require Adobe pdf viewer which is free here pdf reader


Currently under construction, this section will contain downloadable files off our own original rare victorian and edwardian prints from 1890 through to around 1910. We have full colour prints of people, places and events from the UK and abroad of this era. We have taken master prints and converted these to the highest definition pdf documents, set up for immediate download and printing at A4 size on YOUR OWN printer!. These down-loadable bargain prints cannot be found anywhere else on the internet.

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Have your special occasion photographs and / or videos put on DVD as a slide-show with accompanying music, background images and menus. We supply the DVD disc with printed artwork in a solid plastic case. The finished DVD can be played in any DVD player or computer. We aim to crop / adjust each photo to get the fullest on screen image. Each image is on screen for a full 10 seconds with fade and zoom transistions between each image. Photographs should be supplied either as a digital image. ie: jpeg, bmp, gif etc or original photographs for us to scan.

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This section contains original broadcasts from the pirate stations:- Radio CAROLINE, Radio LONDON (Big L), Radio SUTCH, Radio CITY, Radio 270, Radio 390, SWINGING RADIO ENGLAND, Radio BRITAIN, Radio ESSEX, Radio VERONICA, Radio ATLANTIS & Radio NORTH-SEA INTERNATIONAL all from the SIXTIES PIRATE RADIO days from 1964 to 1967. Technology of the day only allowed reel to reel tape recordings, these have since been enhanced where possible and converted to MP3 format (some audio) - but they are not of the high stereo standard we know of today - these are all mono recordings taken off-air - check out the quality by clicking the 'Listen' button. Each of these CDs have up to 8 hours of recordings - MP3 format can be played on most modern CD players, IPods, computers and DVD players.

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