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  • Calling All Cars - Old Time Radio Show MP3 CD - The Nostalgia Store
    Calling All Cars - Old Time Radio Show MP3 CD - The Nostalgia Store
Calling All Cars is a classic early police drama. Portraying the true crime stories of the Los Angeles Police Department from the 30's and 40's

139 Episodes on the CD - Runtime 25+ hours

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Episodes on the CD include

Phantom BoMB
er of Sts Peter and Paul Churches, the 347.5 KB Burma White Case 6.4 MB
York Gang Holdup 6.9 MB
Human BoMB
, the 6.8 MB
Cookie Vejar Killing 6.5 MB
Missing Mexican Sheiks 6.4 MB
Caliente Money Car Holdup 6.8 MB
Skeele Kidnapping, the 6.8 MB
Cure of the Three Grooved Bullets 7.0 MB
Castor Oil Diamond Robbery 6.9 MB
Smashed Windshield, the 6.9 MB
Times BoMB
ing Case, the 7.0 MB
Mae West Jewel Robbery, the 6.9 MB
Killer Hudson 7.2 MB
Chloroform Murder, the 7.3 MB
Dillinger Case, the 7.2 MB
Spinoza Case, the 6.9 MB
Red Rose Girl, the 7.2 MB
Cut Rate Murder, the 7.4 MB
Hammers in Honduras 7.1 MB
Captain Courageous 7.9 MB
Murder At Southgate 7.9 MB
Little Phil Alquin 7.3 MB
Gettle Kidnapping Case 7.5 MB
Seven Words and a Fingerprint 7.2 MB
Dinner Party Bandits 7.2 MB
Big Mail Robbery, the 7.1 MB
Murder of a Soul 7.1 MB
One of the Finest 6.8 MB
Power and Light Holdup 7.0 MB
July Fourth Is a Radio Car 7.0 MB
Fingerprints Don't Lie 7.0 MB
Manchuko Dope Ring 7.0 MB
Execution of Dillinger 7.1 MB
Nitroglycerin Parson 7.1 MB
Corpse in the Desert 7.1 MB
Crooks Are Human Beings 7.0 MB
You Can't Kill a Cop 7.4 MB
Let the Sucker Pay 7.0 MB
Marks on the Bedroom Screen 6.9 MB
Human Monkey, the 7.0 MB
Ruth Judd Case, the 7.5 MB
Stop That Car 7.0 MB
Skid Row Dope Ring 8.0 MB
Unwritten Law, the 7.9 MB
One Way Ride 7.3 MB
Trouser Cuff Clue 7.4 MB
Perfect Crime, the 7.4 MB
Six Shots At Midnight 11.6 MB
Thousand Pieces of Paper, a 6.3 MB
Death for a Diamond Ring 6.4 MB